"It seems like a lifetime ago that chance / karma ( whatever you want to call it ) brought me to your yoga class. What a difference 8 days can make, eh? Looking back I realize how exhausted I was both physically and mentally.

I take from this retreat more than new muscles, flexibility and a straighter back! I no longer feel like I am wandering lost through life. The wisdom you both have shared with me has impacted me more than my 4 months of travelling combined. So that the highlight of my trip is not the partying on Khao San Road, the sunrise over Angkor Wat, or the elephant riding in Chiang Mai - it's the last week spent here, sweating and gaining a transformed perspective on life.

Thank you for all your care, support, and kindness. From the chanting to the food to the philosophy - I loved every moment. Namaste!"

Tamara Bain - Canada - 8 day intensive yoga retreat.


"I knew as soon as I saw your website that yours was the right retreat for me.

It just felt right from the first day. Meng Foong thank you for all the discussions and helping me to work on myself. Marc, thank you for your support and all the meditation we've done. I know I am taking so many learnings from both of you. I hope to see you both sometime in Melbourne."

Theresa Saldanha - Melbourne - 5 day relaxed yoga retreat.


"Now sitting in front of my laptop I feel I still can hear you say "stretch, stretch....and relax...." :) I really had a great time in Langkawi - probably the best time in my life.

It was a dream come true - my ideal lifestyle - daily yoga practice, simple nutritious vegetarian food... the warm sunny weather, clear sky, fresh air, wooden house, green plants, refresh natural environment (the beach, mountain, waterfall....)..... I just want this dream to last for the rest of my life. Wonderful teachers! Great retreat! What I learned on this 10 day retreat will benefit me for the rest of my life."

Jane Lu Zhen Hui - Guangzhou - 10 day intensive yoga retreat.


"While listening to the words of Meng Foong while she's teaching, what else can I do than realize how special the yoga retreat has been for me.

Even though I had a little experience with yoga-exercises I knew hardly anything about yoga philosophy. It was very interesting and rewarding to be taught about the world behind the exercises.

The Intensive Yoga Retreat was challenging, physically and mentally, but I know "the benefits will come naturally". In Dutch I would say "dat her heerlijk was om even los te komen van de grond," and I will take that feeling with me wherever I go.

It definitely was one of the most inspiring experiences in my short life so far. Thank you.

Meng Foong, thanks for the headstands. Marc, bedankt voor de 'silly class' it was a whole lot of fun. Ik zal mezelf niet meer serieus nemen!"

Anne Lepelaars - the Netherlands - 4 day intensive retreat


"I completed the relaxed retreat in Langkawi with Marc and Meng Foong and had a truly amazing experience. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to get away from it all and take time to reflect on life and yourself.

Marc and Meng run their Yoga Now business and retreats very well and tailor it to the individual. They were very professional in their practice and everything to do with the business, including setup with their website and payment system which I found to be very user friendly. I would definitely do this again in future."

Jacinda Flintoff - Perth - 4 day relaxed retreat


"Marc and Meng Foong, thank you for opening my mind and body to yoga! I have done a little yoga over the years but never have I experienced such an amazing feeling. Your inspirational words took me away each morning to an amazing place, I could listen to them everyday and never tired. Hopefully I can take a part of that within me.

The yoga practice has stretched every part of my body into pure relaxation. I only hope everyone gets to experience yoga and meditation with you both once in their lives. I look forward to returning to your little place of paradise in Langkawi."

Samantha Newell - Sydney - 4 day relaxed retreat


"Thanks a lot for these four days. It was a very good experience, hopefully a start of a new practice. I would recommend it to anybody!"

Kaisa Rouvinen - Finland - 4 day relaxed retreat

Marco & Lydia

"Upon my return to HK, my friends asked me how was our yoga retreat in Langkawi ? It is so strange an expressive person like me found myself stuck with words. I always said it was beyond words and dumped some photo and video in our company server so our colleagues can have a look. Their response? Amazed and jealous.

I'm still overwhelmed with the trip, your passion and hospitality, scenery, morning smell at Sunset Valley, waterfalls: sounds from the waterfall, the walk, food, me & Marco hiding in the water curtain, and Meng Foong's moves...and the cable car ride? I'm so glad we went up - the air was so fresh!

I was expecting it is a yoga retreat so there will be yoga classes and meditation, get up early and eat healthy, getaway from our busy city life. It turned out to be all of the above and much much more, in a spiritual way. I forgot about "myself" hiding in the waterfalls, nothing matters anymore, sound of the universe is right there; of course the snacks did some tricks to recharge my body after I cleansed my soul. You two have taken good care of us, good planning of activities. Waking up every morning seeing the moon still in the sky, birds hovering on the paddy fields... these are beyond words. Now I close my eyes, I can see them vividly, with colours. Waterfalls, it made a huge difference, make sure you include it every time, I'm sure you won't be bored by them.

You people are fun to play with and easy to learn with. I'm still amazed that Marco did kakasana and headstand like he's been practising for a while, and I'm the one who goes to yoga class every Sunday!

Seriously I'm thankful to you guys for bringing such a memorable trip to me. And I'm happy Marco has made a lifetime change - decided to do yoga to correct his spinal posture, thanks Marc & Meng Foong!

I shall not forget I'm a learner everyday, wish you two enjoy every moment in life."

Marco & Lydia - Hong Kong - Sunset Valley 4 day relaxed retreat


"From the moment Marc and Meng Foong picked me up from the airport they made me feel welcome. As with anything new I was a bit anxious at first as I didn't know what to expect, but from the first class I felt at ease as they made me realize that during the practice I would be encouraged to take my practice as far as I could.

I had never really done any meditation before the retreat, but now that I've been introduced to it by Marc it's something I want to explore in more detail and I've made a commitment to myself to do a few mins every day. Thanks to Marc I now also have a interest in exploring chanting too - there is something very soothing about repeating those words over and over.

This retreat has reaffirmed for me that I love doing yoga. Before the retreat if someone asked me about my practice I would have said that I enjoyed doing yoga but I wasn't "very good," but Meng Foong has shown me that it's not about being good or bad, it's all about being in each pose in that particular moment, concentrating and trying your best. Once we let go of our fears we can achieve anything - this is something I have to work on, but at least now I recognise that fact I can make some steps to overcome mine.

As well as the classes I thoroughly enjoyed the chats over tea and dinner. Marc is a great cook and the food was YUMMY! Finishing the retreat at the waterfall was great - monkeys and all.

I would recommend doing a retreat, or even just one class, with this lovely friendly couple for whom teaching yoga isn't a job, it's a way of life! Whether you spend four days or just 2 hours with them you are bound to go away from the experience taking away something positive."

Brenda Lawlor - Ireland - Sunset Valley 4 day intensive retreat

Pete and Michelle Meyers

"My wife, Michelle and I were traveling in Malaysia and attended Marc and Meng Foongʼs Cameron Highlands Yoga Retreat. The experience was nothing short of outstanding. Meng Foong and Marc are both extremely well versed yoga teachers with a wonderful mix of compassion, flexibility, humor, passion and patience. The retreatʼs format allows for plentiful practice, relaxation and exploration of the beautiful countryside. We would both enthusiastically recommend this retreat to anyone, regardless of your yoga experience, looking to deepen their yoga practice in a focused and supportive environment."

Pete and Michelle Meyers - USA - Cameron Highlands 4 day retreat

Shinny & Alice

"We are very happy to have met both of you. We really learned a lot about yoga during our four days three nights yoga retreat, not just about asana but also the reflective and philosophical side of yoga. Yoga is not just about being healthy and strong, but teaches people how to relax and find our paths in life and gives us more courage to face the challenges of life. Thank you both very much and hopefully we will meet again. We will always remember your teaching in our hearts."

Shinny Wong and Alice Ooi – Yoga Teachers - Malaysia